The access to the customer and technical support that a cloud hosting company provides will tell you a lot about the services which they supply as well. In case you're allowed to use only e-mail messages and tickets, you have most probably found some reseller and not the actual web hosting supplier. If this is the case, you'll probably have to wait for several days to have an issue resolved since the reseller may not be checking their communication on a regular basis or they may need to get hold of the actual hosting company for further help. When the supplier offers different options for communication with short response time that are available anytime, they are almost certainly the top provider, not only a reseller. Which means that you'll receive well-timed assistance and high quality support since they will have direct access to the servers where your account will be created. No matter what the trouble - technical or sales, it is always better to have the option to get in touch with your web hosting company directly via your favourite way of communication.

24/7 Customer Support in Cloud Hosting

We provide you with 24/7 customer, billing and tech support for our Linux cloud hosting. Even if you aren't our client yet and you have some questions, we will help you without delay and provide you with the needed information, to give you a choice to make the best decision when you acquire your new hosting account. We are available at any time, including weekends and holidays, and we provide you with numerous ways of communication to get in touch with us - live chat, phone, e-mail messages and support tickets. To make things easier for you, we have a couple of phone numbers all over the world, thus you can call the one that is closer to you. The maximum response time for your email messages and your tickets is 1 hour. The actual response time is no more than 15-20 min, so you can forget about waiting for days and nights to get assistance for some task or issue, regardless of its difficulty.

24/7 Customer Support in Semi-dedicated Servers

All the semi-dedicated servers that we provide come with 24/7 customer and tech support, therefore regardless of what issue you experience, you can get in touch with us and we'll give you a hand at once. The guaranteed response time for every email message or trouble ticket that you open from your Hepsia web hosting Control Panel is 1 hour; usually the response time hardly ever is more than 20 minutes. Furthermore, we offer telephone support with multiple local numbers around the world and a live chat, so you will be able to get in touch with us and receive additional details about our services even if you do not have an account yet. We're able to assist you with nearly any question or an issue you have - payment methods, plan specs, e-mail configuration, web hosting account settings, and so on. If you use our services, you will not ever have a situation where you should wait for a couple of days to get an issue solved like you may need to do with a number of other suppliers.

24/7 Customer Support in VPS Servers

If you obtain a VPS server through us, you will be able to use several different means of communication to get in touch with our Customer and Tech Support Departments. For general, billing and pre-sales issues, we now have a couple of local telephone numbers in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia plus a live chat service. When you are a current customer and you need help with a technical issue that requires additional time to investigate or resolve, you'll be able to open a ticket from your billing account or you will be able to send an email message and we will take care of the trouble and send you a reply within the hour. The reply time is guaranteed 24/7, including weekends and holidays, however for many issues it takes no more than 30 mins to receive support. The support service covers the VPS as well as all of the pre-installed software it includes, so if you need help with third-party apps, you'll be able to check the optional Managed Services upgrade that we offer.

24/7 Customer Support in Dedicated Servers

We know how important it is to get quick support in general, let alone when you run an entire server, so each dedicated server that we provide comes with 24/7 support with one-hour reply time warranty regardless of the situation. The service is 100 % free for any type of issues with your server or the software that was installed from our admins during the setup, so you are able to contact us as many times as you'd like, even during holidays. You could either open a trouble ticket from your billing section or you can send an email, and the actual answer time for either rarely surpasses 30 minutes since we have admins available 24 / 7. If you need general info about our servers or you've got a billing question/issue, you can also call one of the local telephone numbers that we have on as many as three different continents or you can use our live chat service and talk to a representative online. For third-party software support, we offer you a Managed Services upgrade, which you are able to include to your server package from your billing Control Panel.